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Exceptional Features of GCDC Products

GCDC spent considerable effort developing an easy to use and cost effective data acquisition product line. Our decades of engineering experience in the data acquisition field helped create a high quality product aimed at research professionals and hobbyists alike. Many of the exceptional features are apparent in the files created by our data loggers, such as the example below from the X16-1E product.

GCDC data file

Feature Rich

The X-series accelerometer data loggers include a rich set of configuration options, including selectable sample rates, timing resolution, gain settings, data resolution, filter modes, and deadband. These features are listed at the start of each file to help the user interpret the data (A) . A complete list of features and instructions are described in the product data sheets.

Precision Timing

Our data loggers implement a real time clock (RTC) to provide precise timing of data. The RTC is used to mark the year, month, day and time of each data file (B) and to time stamp the individual lines of data. Therefore, each data sample includes a record of absolute timing. The RTC long term drift of 50ppm allows precise synchronization of multiple data logger devices. Standard timing mode records the time stamp to 1 millisecond resolution and micro-resolution mode records to 0.1 millisecond resolution (C). Why is this important?

Unique Serial Number

The firmware code of each unit includes a unique serial number. This serial number is recorded at the start of the data files (D) to ensure traceability of the data.

USB Connectivity

USB device

GCDC data loggers are USB 2.0 compliant devices and mount to computer operating systems as a mass storage device (E). Data is easily retrievable from the device because it appears as a standard disk drive with a directory containing the data files. Using a text editor, device options are set by modifying a configuration file located in the root directory. There is no need for special device drivers to operate the data loggers or access the data - simply plug the device into any computer.

Complete Out-of-Box System

We ship our products with everything needed to start using your new purchase. A 2GB or 8GB memory card and a battery are included to make sure you have a functioning product right out of the box. The memory card includes the product user manual.