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data logger

Please note that the X2-5, X16-5, X200-5, X16-1E and B1100 products are not in stock at this time. GCDC can not produce these products due to the supply chain issues of 2022 and the obsolescence of critical semiconductor components. We are in the process of redesigning this product family to use new and improved components. Contact for updated status of our product development efforts. In the meantime, please check our other products, such as the HAM logger, or the MEL logger, or the new IMU-GPS logger.


We have transitioned the old X250/X50 loggers into one product using a digital 3-axis 200g accelerometer sensor. The sensor provides excellent low-noise and low-power capabilities that are best suited for applications involving events that exceed capabilities of the X16 series products. The small compact device captures impact events with precise timing and records the data to the internal flash memory. The plain text comma separated data files are easily accessible via the USB mass storage device interface. Read more about our data logger product-line features.

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  • 3-axis +/-200g accelerometer data logger
  • Internal, rechargeable 500mAh Li-poly battery
  • User selectable sample rates of 12, 25, 50, 100, 200, and 400 Hz
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 800, 1600, 3200 Hz sample rates available at lower effective resolution (reference sec 4.1.1 of user manual)
  • Sensor is oversampled 8X and data processed through FIR filter
  • Accurate (50 PPM) time stamped data using Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Easily readable comma separated text data files
  • Data recorded to a field removable 8Gb microSD card (included)
  • Data transfer compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac via USB interface (no special software required)
  • Low cost high-g accelerometer logger

For more details, specifications, and how to use the X200-5, please refer to the user manual (.pdf). The user manual includes an example data file and instructions for converting the data and time stamps.

The X200-5 logger is configured using a simple text file called config.txt located on the microSD card. Below is an example:

        ;Example X200-5 config file
        ;set sample rate
        ;available rates 12, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400
        samplerate = 400
        ;record constantly
        deadband = 0
        deadbandtimeout = 0
        ;set file size to 5 minutes of data
        samplesperfile = 120000
        ;set status indicator brightness
        statusindicators = high
        ;see X200-5 user manual for other config options

Data is stored to simple text formatted .csv type files, which are easily imported into any spreadsheet or analysis software (Matlab, Octave, R, etc). Below is a example data file:

        ;Title,, X200-5, Analog Dev ADXL375
        ;Version, 1110, Build date, Dec 30 2015,  SN:CCDC120005928F8
        ;Start_time, 2022-05-20, 11:33:53.647
        ;Temperature, -999.00, deg C,  Vbat, 3940, mv
        ;SampleRate, 400,Hz
        ;Deadband, 0, counts
        ;DeadbandTimeout, 0,sec
        ;Headers, time,Ax,Ay,Az
  • Projectile impact studies
  • Automobile collision research
  • Human trauma monitoring
  • Complete list of examples using our accelerometer product line